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About Us

My name is Deon Cooper. Currently I work as a telecommunications engineer out of Orange Park Florida. As a hobby, I've decided to code applications for the Android platform. The Android platform is very fun to use, is open source, and holds unlimited potential. One of the strengths that it bolsters is the fact that it is available on net books and is not limited to cell phones and hand held devices.
So why the name Facade Software. I find the most important aspect of software to be a highly intuitive interface. The easier the interface is to use, the better the experience of the user. Some of the problems we solve with software are incredibly complex.  A lot of the design elements can take mass amounts of time, a team as large as several hundred people to build, and in the end, all that matters are two things. Does it work? Is it easy to use?
While the applications I currently write are not so complex as to need a team of a hundred people, but they do include some complex components.  As such, we have a highly intuitive interface that hides some very complex software routines. This creates an interesting facade. The best programmers strive to make their code seamless to the end user. This is something I'm always working towards. Software programming is a never ending evolution of ones ability to strive for excellence. Kind of like golf.